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Franchise Opportunity Across USA and Canada

Become a franchisee of Goldfish Interactive and be your own boss - work according to your own schedule and be a part of a great success!

With over 4,000 happy customers, Goldfish Interactive is a leading company in the real estate marketing industry, offering various services such as residential and commercial photography, floor plans, 3D Matterport virtual tours, property websites, and drone photography across USA and Canada. As the real estate industry continues to expand, Goldfish Interactive has capitalized on its convenience and emerged as a trusted provider.

If you're interested in joining an established company that has been successful for almost 20 years, then Goldfish Interactive is the right choice for you. Keep reading to know more about the opportunities available for franchise ownership and how Goldfish Interactive distinguishes itself from other real estate marketing companies in USA and Canada.

24 hour turnaround

As industry leaders and experts, we pride ourselves on providing a service with a quick turnaround time of 24 hours. We recognize that the real estate industry moves rapidly, and therefore we offer an exceptional service that caters to the urgent and time-sensitive needs of our clients. Our commitment to timely and efficient service has attracted a significant number of clients who appreciate the value we provide.

Cutting-edge technology

Our proficiency in the industry and utilization of cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver precise measurements and floor plans to our clients. Our services are designed to be fast, efficient, and affordable, making us the preferred choice for real estate measuring. We take pride in offering a trifecta of ideal services - speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. With our swift and precise measuring process, Goldfish Interactive has become the go-to option for real estate measuring needs.

Extensive experience 

Our extensive experience of almost 20 years in the industry has equipped us with unmatched expertise, as evident from our proven track records, glowing client testimonials, and relentless pursuit of excellence.
Our confidence in our services is rooted in the years of positive feedback, brand recognition, and unparalleled knowledge that we have acquired. As a result, we are well-positioned to impart this knowledge and expertise to franchise owners, ensuring their success in the industry.


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